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Simple Cupcakes with simple buttercream  are $2.50 each

These include optional sprinkles and/or edible pearls (non-perils).

The rest, depending on which flavors you choose, what they are topped (or stuffed) with, and design intricacy, vary by price. Here are the starting figures. The + sign signifies that the price can go up reflecting ingredients used, etc.

Simple Cupcakes with specialty buttercream start at $2.75 +

Specialty cupcakes with simple buttercream start at $2.75+

Specialty Cupcakes with specialty buttercream start at $3+

Add an additional .25-1.50 per cupcake for special toppings, fillings, edible paper. 

Edible flowers and herbs, as well as edible paper prints are made to order and price is determined on the specifics of what you're looking for.

Please note that all cupcake orders start at a minimum of 1 dozen.

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