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Strawberry Shake with Cupcake Vodka

While Adam and I were in San Diego we went to the store one night to buy a whole bunch of nips and mixers and decided to create  interesting drinks. It was SO MUCH FUN! It was great because they had nips of really obscure flavors like whipped cream, cotton candy, honey, etc. but I was so sad that they didn't have anything cupcake flavored!

Welllll, today I was given this cupcake flavored vodka (thank you, Adam!!) and instantly had visions of declious drinks dance through my head. I've already tested out two ideas, so I'll post both of those up tonight and you can absolutely expect more from me in the future! 




Strawberry Shake with Cupcake Vodka



2 oz. Cupcake Vodka

3 Large strawberries

1 Large scoop of vanilla ice cream

1/2 C Milk

For the rim (optional):




Rim your glass with frosting, and dip into sprinkles.

Blend ingredients together until smooth, pour into glass, and enjoy!








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